The communication among people increasing day by day through mobile devices and also the usage of various applications related to social, e-commerce, education, health care system also increased. These applications require enough processor and storage to run successfully but mobile devices require more processing capacity to run resource intensive applications. The combination of both mobile cloud and cloud computing can create new technology mobile cloud computing (MCC). Generally, mobile users are exhausted with limited resources of mobile devices such as shortage of battery lifetime, processing capacity and storage. Cloud computing is an emerging technology and also make available enough resources to increase mobile battery lifetime. There are numerous challenges in mobile cloud computing which are required to address with the help advance technology. The data security ,data services, service reliability and service privacy also an significant issues in
MCC. The novel technology called cloud-let in MCC developed to address latency and power consumption problems. Simulation tools in MCC require to create mobile cloud computing environment.


  • Mobile cloud-computing models,infrastructures,architectures,and-frameworks
  • Formal methods and engineering methodologies for mobile clouds and services.
  • Green computing and energy saving solutions in mobile clouds and services.
  • Network communication protocols and connectivity in mobile clouds.
  • Mobile cloud data security techniques and privacy solutions.
  • Mobile cloud applications and enterprise systems.
  • Engineering tools and maintenance in building mobile cloud applications and services.
  • Modelling and simulations of mobile cloud computing applications.
  • Service composition,adoption,customization,and configuration for mobile clouds.
  • Knowledge engineering and data mining and tools in mobile clouds.
  • Ontologies and methodologies for mobile cloud computing and services.
  • Experience reports, case studies and evaluation experiments.
  • Cloud-let discovery in mobile cloud computing.
  • Load management among cloudlet in mobile cloud computing
  • Live VM migration, simulation tools, load management among cloudlet, optimize path in
  • Cloud computing and machine learning

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  • Publication: December 15, 2018

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