Open Source Solutions for Building IaaS Clouds

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Amine Barkat
Alysson Diniz dos Santos
Sonia Ikken


Cloud Computing is not only a pool of resources and services offered through the internet, but also a technology solution that allows optimization of resources use, costs minimization and energy consumption reduction. Enterprises moving towards cloud technologies have to choose between public cloud services, such as: Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Cloud and Google Cloud services, or private self built clouds. While the firsts are offered with affordable fees, the others provide more privacy and control. In this context, many open source softwares approach the buiding of private, public or hybrid clouds depending on the users need and on the available capabilities. To choose among the different open source solutions, an analysis is necessary in order to select the most suitable according with the enterprise's goals and requirements. In this paper, we present a depth study and comparison of five open source frameworks that are gaining more attention recently and growing fast: CloudStack, OpenStack, Eucalyptus, OpenNebula and Nimbus. We present their architectures and discuss different properties, features, useful information and our own insights on these frameworks.

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