Resolving Conflicting Privacy Policies in M-health based on Prioritization

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Souad Sadki
Hanan El Bakkali


Mobile health has recently gained a lot of attention. Biological, environmental and behavioral data collected from mobile devices can be analyzed and transmitted directly to the person, family or health professionals for immediate and individualized care. However, due to multiplicity of mobile applications and the heterogeneity of actors involved in patient care, conflicts among the privacy policies defined by the different actors can take place. Thus, we present in this paper an approach to resolve the problem of conflicting privacy policies in e-health/m-health environments using AHP (Analytic Hierarchy Process) prioritization technique. Conflicts detection and resolution are facilitated by the adoption of S4P formal privacy policy language used as a standardized language. Finally, a case study is suggested to illustrate how our solution can be applied to resolve such conflicts.

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