Privacy Analysis of Android Applications: State-of-art and Literary Assessment

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Gulshan Shrivastava
Prabhat Kumar


In todays world, Android has revolutionized every facet of our lives. Almost all the important services such as banking, transportation, stock trade, medicine, education, etc. are extended to Android these days. Everything is available in the application market of android. Unfortunately, at the same time, the prosperity of these applications also attracts abusers and malicious attackers to perform different types of attacks. An appropriate action needs to be taken to protect Android device from these attacks. Android applications privacy analysis is an extension to the android privacy model, which traditionally emphasizes on prevention, and detection of attacks. It also deals with capturing, recording and analysis of Android applications to detect and investigate Android device intrusions. In this paper, we explore the comprehensive study about different techniques proposed to perform Android applications analytics. In addition to this, various aspects of android applications analytics have been reviewed along with related technologies and their limitations. This gives enhanced recognition of the problem, existing explanation space, and potential research scope to analyze and investigate various Android device intrusions against such attacks efficiently.

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