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Dusan Vudragovic
Luka Ilic
Petar Jovanovic
Slobodan Nickovic
Aleksandar Bogojevic
Antun Balaz


Premature human mortality due to cardiopulmonary disease and lung cancer is found in epidemiological studies to be correlated to increased levels of atmospheric particulate matter. Such negative dust effects on the human mortality in the North Africa - Europe - Middle East region can be successfully studied by the DREAM dust model. However, to assess health effects of dust and its other impacts on the environment, a detailed modelling of the climate for a period of one year in a high-resolution mode is required. We describe here a parallel implementation of the DREAM dust model, the DREAMCLIMATE service, which is optimised for use on the high-performance regional infrastructure provided by the VI-SEEM project. In addition to development and integration of this service, we also present a use-case study of premature mortality due to desert dust in the North Africa - Europe - Middle East region for the year 2005, to demonstrate how the newly deployed service can be used.

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