A Survey on Mobile Cloud Computing: Mobile Computing + Cloud Computing (MCC = MC + CC)

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Rama Subbareddy Somula
Sasikala R


In recent years, the mobile devices become popular for communication and running advanced real time applications such as face reorganization and online games. Although, mobile devices advanced for providing significant benefits for mobile users. But still, these devices suffers with limited recourses such as computation power, battery and storage space due to the portable size. However, The Cloud Technology overcome the limitations of mobile computing with better performance and recourses. The cloud technology provides enough computing recourses to run mobile applications as storage computing power on cloud platform. Therefore, the novel technology called mobile cloud computing (MCC) is introduced by integrating two technologies (Mobile Computing, Cloud Computing) in order to overcome the limitations(such as Battery life, Storage capacity, Processing capacity) of Mobile Devices by offloading application to recourse rich Remote server. This paper presents an overview of MCC, the advantages of MCC, the related concepts and the technology beyond various offloading frameworks, the architecture of the MCC, Cloudlet technology, security and privacy issues and limitations of mobile cloud computing. Finally, we conclude with feature research directions in MCC.

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