Parallel seed selection method for overlapping community detection in social network

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Belfin R V
Grace Mary Kanaga E


Social network analysis is one of the key areas of research during modern times. The social network is growing with more users and the ties between them day by day.
This reason brings out many research queries and new conclusions from this area. Overlapping community detection in the social network is one such research problem
which has acquired interest among researchers nowadays. Earlier, the investigation was in finding out algorithms to detect communities in the network sequentially.
There are many distinguished findings toward overlapping community detection. Due to the velocity of data in the current era, the available algorithms will be a bit
sluggish in processing the data. The proposed algorithm uses parallel processing engine to resolve this delay problem in the current scenario. The algorithm in parallel finds
out the superior seed set in the network and expands it in parallel to find out the community. The work shows amazing improvement in the runtime and also detects quality
groups in the network.

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