Enhanced Clustering Algorithm based on Fuzzy Logic (E-CAFL) for WSN E-CAFL for Homogeneous WSN

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Pawan Singh Mehra
Mohammad Najmud Doja
Bashir Alam


Since longer lifetime of the network is utmost requirement of WSN, cluster formation can serve this purpose efficiently. In clustering, a node takes charge of the cluster to coordinate and receive information from the member nodes and transfer it to sink. With imbalance of energy dissipation by the sensor node, it may lead to premature failure of the network. Therefore, a robust balanced clustering algorithm can solve this issue in which a worthy candidate will play the cluster head role. In this paper, an enhanced clustering algorithm based on fuzzy logic E-CAFL is propound which is an improvement over CAFL protocol. E-CAFL takes account of the residual energy, node density in its locality and distance from sink and feed into fuzzy inference system. A rank of each node is computed for candidature of cluster coordinator. Experiments are performed for the designed protocol to validate its performance in adverse scenarios along with LEACH and CAFL protocol. The results illustrate better performance in stability period and protracted lifetime.

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