Honey Bee Optimization based Sink Mobility Aware Heterogeneous Protocol for Wireless Sensor Network

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Ashish Kumar Luhach
Aditya Khamparia
Ravindra Sihag
Raj Kumar


Wireless Sensor Network (WSN) has emerged as one of the most important technologies serving an array of solutions for critical applications such as defense, industrial monitoring and decision purposes. Data routing in WSN is effective or non-effective depending upon the energy saving for nodes while transferring data packets to the sink. Mainly WSN divided into two modes; heterogeneous and homogeneous. Heterogeneous network in WSN mainly focused on the cluster head selection. Sink mobility in the heterogeneous network has still many open research issues, it is observed that it makes the network more energy efficient. The optimization in the network leads to the stability of the network at a much higher level. In this paper, the sink mobility is optimized for WSN using Honey Bee Optimization (HBO) technique by considering the parameters such as energy and distance. The proposed protocol shows significant improvement in the stability period by 33 % by covering 2928 rounds and enhanced network lifetime by 1500 rounds in compared with 2033 and 14084 rounds for iMBEENISH protocol respectively.

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