IOT based Air Quality Monitoring System Using MQ135 and MQ7 with Machine Learning Analysis

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Kinnera Bharath Kumar Sai
Somula Rama Subbareddy
Ashish Kumar Luhach


This paper deals with measuring the Air Quality using MQ135 sensor along with Carbon Monoxide CO using MQ7 sensor. Measuring Air Quality is an important element for bringing awareness to take care of the future generations and for a healthier life. Based on this, Government of India has already taken certain measures to ban Single Stroke and Two Stroke Engine based motorcycles which are emitting high pollution. We are trying to implement a system using IoT platforms like Thingspeak or Cayenne in order to bring awareness to every individual about the harm we are doing to our environment. Already, New Delhi is remarked as the most pollution city in the world recording Air Quality above 300 PPM. We have used easiest platform like Thingspeak and set the dashboard to public such that everyone can come to know the Air Quality at the location where the system is installed. Machine Learning analysis brings us a lot of depth in understanding the information that we obtained from the data. Moreover, we are proviing a reducement of the cost of components versus the state of the art.

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