Energy Efficient Routing Protocol for Mobile Social Sensing Networks

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Salem Sati
Ahmed Sohoud
Tareg Abulifa


Mobile Social Sensing Network (MSSN) is a subclass of Wireless Sensor Networks (WSN). This MSSN is consists of mobile sensing transducers carried by people. Sensing information gathered by mobile sensors will transmit to the data sink. This data sink may it is fixed or mobile. But in optimal cases, it should have efficient energy and position compared with other mobile sensors. On the other hand, mobile sensors may have a social tie because they carried by people. Traditional MANET routing protocols such as AODV and DSR are inapplicable or perform poorly for mobile social data sensing. Especially for distributed mobile social sensing. Insufficient performance due to the nature of the mobile sensors which suffering from a limited energy source. In recent days, there are many routing protocols proposed by researchers. These protocols improve the total delivered messages
in mobile social sensing networks, but most of them do not take into account the link bandwidth and node storage limitation, thus routing may lead to more energy consumption among mobile sensing nodes. In this paper, we design an Energy-Efficient Routing Protocol (EERP) for mobile social sensing networks. We consider the node energy as a balance function between the delay of collected data and transmission of sensor nodes to the data sink. Furthermore, we also develop an enhanced version of the suggested EERP which named EERP+S, EERP+S combines the energy percentage and social metric of node degree. EERP and its updated version EERP+S are dynamically adjusting the control function based on data delay and transmission in addition to node activity. Simulation results demonstrate the efficiency of EERP and EERP+S compared with the flooding behavior of an Epidemic. Epidemic and its social version Ep-Soc are compared with suggested protocols in distributed mobile social sensing paradigms.

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