Topological Ordering Signal Selection Technique for Internet of Things based on Combinational Gate for Visibility Enhancement

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Agalya Rajendran
Muthaiah Rajappa


In modern System on Chip (SoC) design consist of intelligence of products, Internet of Things (IoT) based devices, mobile phones, laptops, servers etc. This shrinking market reduces the design automation validation process. Signal selection is the most effective and challenging technique in post-silicon validation and debug. The vital problem prevailing in this method is that it has limited observability and controllability due to the minimum number of storage space in the trace buffer. This tends to select the signals prudently in order to maximize the state reconstruction. To identify the trace signals, signal restoration is the extensive metric that has been used so far. Topology-based restoration method is proposed here to minimize the error detection
latency which helps to select the trace signals with minimum error or even errorless. This method aid to detect more number of errors within limited number of clock cyclesthan the restoration only selection techniques.

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