SPCACF: Secured Privacy-Conserving Authentication Scheme using Cuckoo Filter in VANET

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A Rengarajan
M Mohammed Thaha


Providing security for vehicular communication is essential since the network is vulnerable to severe attacks.
The message authentication between vehicles and pavement units are essential for the purpose of security. Messages that passed between the vehicles should be encrypted and verified before the vehicle nodes could be trusted. The original identity of nodes can only be traceable by authorized parties and should not be exposed at any cause. However authentication between vehicles during message transformation does not guarantees message authentication rate accurately. To address these issues, the SPCACF scheme is proposed which is based on software devoid of relying on any particular hardware. Binary search algorithm is added in partial with Cuckoo Filter to achieve higher accomplishment than the preceding schemes in the batch wise verification phase. In order to guarantee that it can assure message authentication constraint, existential enforceability of underlying signature against adaptively chosen-message attack is proved under the positive filter pool method.

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