Forecasting the Impact of Social Media Advertising among College Students using Higher Order Statistical Functions

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Meena Zenith N
Radhika. R


Nowadays, social media has emerged as one of the activity among the users on their day-to-day life activity. This research work plans to develop a statistical review that concerns on social media advertising among college students from diverse universities. The review analysis on social media advertising is given under six sections such as (i) Personal Profile; (ii) Usage; (iii) Assessment; (iv) Higher Order statistics like Community, Connectedness, Openness, Dependence and Participation; (v) Trustworthiness such as Trust, Perceived value and Perceived risk; and (vi) Towards advertisement which involves attitude towards advertisement, response towards advertisement and purchase intension. The initial stage is on questionnaire preparation based on social media networking. The records stated in the questionnaire are intimately taken about the usage of social media sites and the advertisement on social media networking. In the second stage, the planned questionnaire is distributed over college students from diverse universities. The entire questions are made mandatory in this questionnaire and subsequent to this, the students from various universities are demanded to fill up their response to this questionnaire. These responses from the students are then taken for analysis purpose. In this research work, the analysis is performed on the basis of higher-order statistical analysis that favorably concerned on correlation coefficients and entropy. This in turns helps to determine the correlation and entropy among the response towards the social media network.

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