A Comprehensive Review on State-of-the-Art Image Inpainting Techniques

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Balasaheb H Patil
Patil P.M.


Image inpainting is the process of restoring missing pixels in digital images in a plausible way. A study on image inpainting technique has acquired a significant consideration in various regions, i.e. restoring the damaged and old documents, elimination of unwanted objects, cinematography, retouch applications, etc. Even though, limitations exist in the recovery process due to the establishment of certain artifacts in the restored image areas. To rectify these issues, more and more techniques have been established by different authors. This survey makes a critical analysis of diverse techniques regarding various image inpainting schemes. This paper goes under (i) Analyzing various image inpainting techniques that are contributed in different papers; (ii) Makes the comprehensive study regarding the performance measures and the corresponding maximum achievements in each contribution; (iii) Analytical review concerning the chronological review and various tools exploited in each of the reviewed works. Finally, the survey extends with the determination of various research issues and gaps that might be useful for the researchers to promote improved future works on image inpainting schemes.

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