Chicken-Moth Search Optimization-based Deep Convolutional Neural Network for Image Steganography

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Reshma V K
Vinod Kumar R S
Shahi D
Shyjith M B


Image steganography is considered as one of the promising and popular techniques utilized to maintain the confidentiality of the secret message that is embedded in an image. Even though there are various techniques available in the previous works, an approach providing better results is still the challenge. Therefore, an effective pixel prediction based on image stegonography is developed, which employs error dependent Deep Convolutional Neural Network (DCNN) classifier for pixel identification. Here, the best pixels are identified from the medical image based on DCNN classifier using pixel features, like texture, wavelet energy, Gabor, scattering features, and so on. The DCNN is optimally trained using Chicken-Moth search optimization (CMSO). The CMSO is designed by integrating Chicken Swarm Optimization (CSO) and Moth Search Optimization (MSO) algorithm based on limited error. Subsequently, the Tetrolet transform is fed to the predicted pixel for the embedding process. At last, the inverse tetrolet transform is used for extracting the secret message from an embedded image. The experimentation is carried out using BRATS dataset, and the performance of image stegonography based on CMSO-DCNN+tetrolet is evaluated based on correlation coefficient, Structural Similarity Index, and Peak Signal to Noise Ratio, which attained 0.85, 46.981dB, and 0.6388, for the image with noise.


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