A Comprehensive Survey of the Routing Schemes for IoT applications

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Dipali K Shende
Sonavane S.S
Yogesh Angal


Internet of Things (IoT) is with a perception of ‘anything’, ‘anywhere’ and provides the interconnection among devices with a remarkable scale and speed. The prevalent intention of IoT is the datatransmission through the internet without the mediation of humans. An efficient routing protocol must be included in the IoT network for the accomplishment of its objectives and securing data transmission. Accordingly, the survey presents various routing protocols for secure data communication in IoT for providing a clear vision as the major issue in the IoT networks is energy consumption. Therefore, there is a need for devising an effective routing scheme to provide superior performance over the other existing schemes in terms of energy consumption. Thus, this review article provides a detailed review of 52 research papers presenting the suggested routing protocols based on the contentbased, clustering-based, fuzzy-based, Routing Protocol for Low power and Lossy Networks, tree-based and so on. Also, a detailed analysis and discussion are made by concerning the parameters, simulation tool, and year of publication, network size, evaluation metrics, and utilized protocols. Finally, the research gaps and issues of various conventional routing protocols are presented for extending the researchers towards a better contribution of routing protocol for the secure IoT routing.

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