Event driven Recommendation System for E-commerce using Knowledge based Collaborative Filtering Technique

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Mahesh Kumar Singh
Om Prakash Rishi


The Internet is changing the method of selling and purchasing items. Nowadays online trading replaces offline trading. The items offered by the online system can influence the nature of buying customers. The recommendation system is one of the basic tools to provide such an environment. Several techniques are used to design and implement the recommendation system. Every recommendation system passes from two phases similarity computation among the users or items and correlation between target user and items. Collaborative filtering is a common technique used for designing such a system. The proposed system uses a knowledge base generated from knowledge graph to identify the domain knowledge of users, items, and relationships among these, knowledge graph is a labelled multidimensional directed graph that represents the relationship  among the users and the items. Almost every existing recommendation system is based on one of feature, review, rating, and popularity of the items in which users’ involvement is very less or none. The proposed approach uses about 100 percent of users’ participation in the form of activities during navigation of the web site. Thus, the system expects under the users’ interest that is beneficial for both seller and buyer. The proposed system relates the category of items, not just specific items that may be interested in the users. We see the effectiveness of this approach in comparison with baseline methods in the area of recommendation system using three parameters precision, recall, and NDCG through online and offline evaluation studies with user data, and its performance is better than all other baseline systems in all aspects.

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