Internet of Vehicles over Vanets: Smart and Secure Communication using IoT

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Sumit Kumar
Jaspreet Singh


The new age of the Internet of Things (IoT) is motivating the advancement of traditional Vehicular Ad-Hoc Networks (VANETs) into the Internet of Vehicles (IoV). This paper is an overview of smart and secure communications to reduce traffic congestion using IoT based VANETs, known as IoV networks. Studies and observations made in this paper suggest that the practice of combining IoT and VANET for a secure combination has rarely practiced. IoV uses real-time data communication between vehicles to everything (V2X) using wireless communication devices based on fog/edge computing; therefore, it has considered as an application of Cyber-physical systems (CPS). Various modes of V2X communication with their connecting technologies also discussed. This paper delivers a detailed introduction to the Internet of Vehicles (IoV) with current applications, discusses the architecture of IoV based on currently existing communication technologies and routing protocols, presenting different issues in detail, provides several open research challenges and the trade-off between security and privacy in the area of IoV has reviewed. From the analysis of previous work in the IoV network, we concluded the utilization of artificial intelligence and machine learning concept is a beneficial step toward the future of IoV model.

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