A Framework to Systematically Analyse the Trustworthiness of Nodes for Securing IoV Interactions

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Indu Bhardwaj
Sibaram Khara
Priestly Shan


Trust plays essential role in any securing communications between Vehicles in IOV. This motivated us to design a trust model for IoV communication. In this paper, we initially review literature on IoV and Trust and present a hybrid trust model that separates the malicious and trusted nodes to secure the interaction of vehicle in IOV. Node segregation is done using value of statistics (St). If St of each node lies in the range of mean (m) plus/minus 2 standard deviation (SD) of PDR then nodes behaviour is considered as normal otherwise malicious. The simulation is conducted for different threshold values. Result depicts that PDR of trusted node is 0.63 that is much higher than the PDR of malicious node that is 0.15. Similarly, the average no. of hops and trust dynamics of trusted nodes are higher than that of malicious node. So, on the basis of values of PDR, number of available hops and trust dynamics, the malicious nodes can be clearly identified and discarded.

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