NEEF: A Novel Energy Efficient Fuzzy Logic based Clustering Protocol for Wireless Sensor Network

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Anshu Kumar Dwivedi
A. K. Sharma


The uttermost requirement of the wireless sensor network is prolonged lifetime. Unequal energy degeneration in clustered sensor nodes lead to the premature death of sensor nodes resulting in a lessened lifetime. Most of the proposed protocols primarily choose cluster head on the basis of a random number, which is somewhat discriminating as some nodes which are eligible candidates for cluster head role may be skipped because of this randomness. To rule out this issue, we propose a deterministic novel energy efficient fuzzy logic based clustering protocol (NEEF) which considers primary and secondary factors in fuzzy logic system while selecting cluster heads. After selection of cluster heads, non-cluster head nodes use fuzzy logic for prudent selection of their cluster head for cluster formation. NEEF is simulated and compared with two recent state of the art protocols, namely SCHFTL and DFCR under two scenarios. Simulation results unveil better performance by balancing the load and improvement in terms of stability period, packets forwarded to the base station, improved average energy and extended lifetime.

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