Identification of Tomato Leaf Disease Detection using Pretrained Deep Convolutional Neural Network Models

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Anandhakrishnan T
Jaisakthi S.M Murugaiyan


In this paper, we proposed a plant leaf disease identification model based on a Pretrained deep convolutional neural network (Deep CNN). The Deep CNN model is trained using an open dataset with 10 different classes of tomato leaves We observed that overall architectures which can increase the best performance of the model. The proposed model was trained using different training epochs, batch sizes and dropouts. The Xception has attained maximum accuracy compare with all other approaches. After an extensive simulation, the proposed model achieves classification accuracy better. This accuracy of the proposed work is greater than the accuracy of all other Pretrained approaches. The proposed model is also tested with respect to its consistency and reliability. The set of data used for this work was collected from the plant village dataset, including sick and healthy images. Models for detection of plant disease should predict the disease quickly and accurately in the early stage itself so that a proper precautionary measures can be applied to avoid further spread of the diseases. So, to reduce the main issue about the leaf diseases, we can analyze distinct kinds of deep neural network architectures in this research. From the outcomes, Xception has a constantly improving more to enhance the accuracy by increasing the number of epochs, without any indications of overfitting and decrease in quality. And Xception also generated a fine 99.45% precision in less computing time.

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