Decentralized and Fault Tolerant Cloud Service Orchestration

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Adrian Spataru


This paper proposes a decentralized framework for the orchestration of Cloud Services using heterogeneous resources residing in the homes of private individuals or small-scale clusters. The framework makes use of Ethereum Smart Contracts to provide a decentralized mechanism for discovering the different interfaces exposed by Cloud Components. The paper introduces a novel concept of Component Administration Networks, which are peer-to-peer networks that monitor and ensure the availability of the software components. The concept applied for the Orchestration process to ensure that the deployment of an Application continues in the presence of Orchestrator component failure. Checkpoints are used to address the continuity of the   Management components, in general, and of the Orchestrator, in particular. In our proposal, checkpoint metadata is stored in a Smart Contract to assess the execution time of a Service to reimburse the participants that ensure its execution.

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