Big Data Analytics for Advanced Viticulture

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Jitali Patel
Ruhi Patel
Saumya Shah
Jigna Ashish Patel


Big data analytics involve a systematic approach to find hidden patterns to help the organization grow from large volume and variety of data. In recent years big data analytics is widely used in the agricultural domain to improve yield. Viticulture (the cultivation of grapes) is one of the most lucrative farming in India. It is a subdivision of horticulture and is the study of wine growing. The demand for Indian Wine is increasing at about 27% each year since the 21st century and thus more and more ways are being developed to improve the quality and quantity of the wine products. In this paper, we focus on a specific agricultural practice as viticulture. Weather forecasting and disease detection are the two main research areas in precision viticulture. Leaf disease detection as a part of plant pathology is the key research area in this paper. It can be applied on vineyards of India where farmers are bereft of the latest technologies. Proposed system architecture comprises four modules: Data collection, data preprocessing, classification and visualization. Database module involves grape leaf dataset, consists of healthy images combined with disease leaves such as Black measles, Black rot, and Leaf blight. Models have been implemented on Apache Hadoop using map reduce programming framework. It applies feature extraction to extract various features of the live images and classification algorithm with reduced computational complexity. Gray Level Co-occurrence Matrix (GLCM) followed by K-Nearest Neighborhood (KNN) algorithm. The system also recommends the necessary steps and remedies that the viticulturists can take to assure that the grapes can be salvaged at the right time and in the right manner based on classification results. The overall system will help Indian viticulturists to improve the harvesting process. Accuracy of the model is 82%, and it can be increased as a future work by including deep learning with time-series grape leaf images.

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Jitali Patel, CSE Department, Nirma University

Prof Jitali Patel is working as an Assistant Professor in Computer Science and Engineering Department. Her area of specialization includes Machine Learning and Information Retrieval. She has been contributing to research in the said domain with good quality publications in international conferences and journals

Ruhi Patel, CSE Department, Nirma University

Ruhi patel is 8th semester B.Tech student from CSE department, Institute of Technology Nirma University. She has good interest in research and development in data analytics and block chain. She is the author of "Blockchain for Diamond Industry: Opportunities and Challenges" research paper, published in IEEE Internet of Things Journal in Deceember 2020.

Saumya Shah, CSE Department, Nirma University

Saumya shah currently pursuing his B.Tech from CSE department, Nirma University. He has great interest in research and development in the area of big data analytics and image processing.

Jigna Ashish Patel, Nirma University

Dr. Jigna Patel is working as an Assistant Professor in Computer Science and Engineering Department. She has experience of more than 12 years in the field of teaching. Her area of interest and research are Big data analytics and real time applications, Data Warehousing and Data Mining. Currently she has completed one minor research project funded by Nirma University on primary level of depression detection from facial expression.