An IOT and Blockchain Approach for Food Traceability System in Agriculture

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Jianli Guo
Korhan Cengiz
Ravi Tomar


The food holds a major role and at the worldwide level in human lives and societies, the agriculture sector is known to be a major employer. In all the developing countries, food supply chain is the major domains of research which need a growth. Nowadays, the world wide serious topic is a food safety and the food safety issues are tackled by the trusted food traceability system. It can track and monitor the food production whole lifespan in which the processes of food raw material cultivation/breeding, processing, transporting, and selling etc. are included. In this paper, food quality problems are discussed and the food traceability system is proposed which is based on the Internet of Things (IoT) and blockchain technique for agricultural products. The presented system architecture is detailed and other existing problems are also discussed. The consortium blockchain is utilized as the basic network and the traceability system can achieve more reliable and trustable devices.

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