A Review of Design Approaches for Enhancing the Performance of NoCs at Communication Centric Level

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Misbah Manzoor
Roohie Naaz Mir
Najeeb-ud-Din Hakim


As the trend of technology shrinking continues a vast amount of processors are being incorporated in a limited space. Due to this almost half of the chip area in Multi-Processor Systems-on-Chips (MPSoCs) is under interconnections, which pose a big problem for communication. Network-on-Chips (NoCs) evolved as a significant scalable solution for removing wiring congestion and communication problem in MPSoCs. NoCs provide the advantage of customized architecture, increased scalability and bandwidth. NoC is a structured framework where communication is the prime concern. In this review paper we present an overview of research and design approaches in the communication centric areas of NoCs. Here we have tried to discuss and iterate most of the available work done for communication in 2D NoCs. This paper gives the insight of different attributes and performance parameters of NoCs. Further it gives a detailed description of how topology, flow control and routing mechanisms can affect the qualitative aspects (performance) of NoCs. It then explains how various attributes of routing can help in increasing the efficacy of NoCs. Subsequently a brief review of different simulators used for NoCs is given. All of this is provided based on the survey of academic, theoretical and experimental approaches presented in the past. Finally some suggestions for future work are also given.

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