Review of Research on Storage Development

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Honghong Zhang
Guoguo Zhang


The development of computer external storage has undergone the continuous change of perforated cassettes, tapes, floppy disks, hard disks, optical disks and flash disks. Internal memory has gone through the development of drum storage, Williams tube, mercury delay line, and magnetic core storage, until the emergence of semiconductor memory. Later RAM and ROM were born. RAM was divided into DRAM and SRAM. Due to its structure and cost advantages, DRAM has gradually developed into the widely used DDR series. At the same time, the low-power LPDDR series has also been advancing. At present, with the development of NVRAM technology, non-volatile random access memory with both internal and external storage functions is born. Dual-space storage based on NVRAM combines internal and external storage into one, and large capacity dual-space storage has become the development trend of storage.


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