Post-Covid Remote Patient Monitoring using Medical Internet of Things and Machine Learning Analytics

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Salka Rahman
Suraiya Parveen
Shabir Ahmad Sofi
Saniya Zahoor


The Covid-19 pandemic disturbed the smooth functioning of healthcare services throughout the world. New practices such as masking, social distancing and so on were followed to prevent the spread. Further, the severity of the problem increases for the elderly people and people having co-morbidities as proper medical care was not possible and as a result many deaths were recorded. Even for those patients who recovered from Covid could not get proper health monitoring in the Post-Covid phase as a result many deaths and severity in health conditions were reported after the Covid recovery i.e., the Post-Covid era. Technical interventions like the Internet of Things (IoT) based remote patient monitoring using Medical Internet of Things (M-IoT) wearables is one of the solutions that could help in the Post-Covid scenarios. The paper discusses a proposed framework where in a variety of IoT sensing devices along with ML algorithms are used for patient monitoring by utilizing aggregated data acquired from the registered Post-Covid patients. Thus, by using M-IoT along with Machine Learning (ML) approaches could help us in monitoring Post-Covid patients with co-morbidities for and immediate medical help.

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