Hybrid Hyper Chaotic Map with LSB for Image Encryption and Decryption

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Jahnavi Shankar
C. Nandini


There are number of images that transmitted through the web for various usages like medical imaging, satellite images, military database, broadcasting, confidential enterprise, banking, etc. Thus, it is important to protect the images confidentially by securing sensitive information from an intruder. The present research work proposes a Hybrid Hyper Chaotic Mapping that considers a3D face Mesh model for hiding the secret image. The model has a larger range of chaotic parameters which are helpful in the chaotification approaches. The proposed system provides excellent security for the secret image through the process of encryption and decryption. The encryption of the secret image is performed by using chaos encryption with hyper hybrid mapping. The hyper hybrid mapping includes enhanced logistic and henon mapping to improve the computation efficiency for security to enhance embedding capacity. In the experiment Fingerprint and satellite image is used as secret image. The secret image is encrypted using a Least Significant Bit (LSB) for embedding an image. The results obtained by the proposed method showed better enhancements in terms of SNR for the 3D Mesh model dataset as 77.85 dB better compared to the existing models that achieved Reversible data hiding in the encrypted domain (RDH-ED) of 33.89 dB and Multiple Most Significant Bit (Multi-MSB) 40 dB. Also, the results obtained by the proposed Hybrid Hyper chaotic mapping showed PSNR of 65.73 dB better when compared to the existing Permutation Substitution and Boolean Operation that obtained 21.19 dB and 21.27 dB for the Deoxyribonucleic Acid (DNA) level permutation-based logistic map.

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