Design an Uncertain Model for the Stubbed Ground Plane by Increasing the Bandwidth of the Monopole Antenna

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D. Jasmine David
K. Ramalakshmi
M. Selvarathi
P. Suresh
P. Dhivya
T. Jemima Jebaseeli *


Uncertainty is stated as the indication of the quality of the calibration certificate. When uncertainties occurred in a stubbed ground plane, it affects the performance of every source. Hence, a thorough analysis of uncertainties on a monopole antenna is required. The proposed research work is to focus on designing a planar monopole antenna to improve the bandwidth with minimal changes on the ground plane mainly for medical applications and to reduce the uncertainty. The narrowband antenna on the ground plane is redesigned to boost up the gain and broadens the monopole antenna’s bandwidth impedance. Then the ground plane is integrated with the rectangular plate. As a result the bandwidth is 42.5 GHz ahead.

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