Technology Enabled Intelligent Solution in Human Resource Management for Smart Cities

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Garima Vijh
Swati Agrawal
Richa Sharma


The foundation of smart cities is based on an autonomous and decentralized architecture, which consists of sophisticated information and communication technologies (ICT) in convergence with technology enabled solution to improve the business management process in industry 4.0. This study tends to examine the adoption of blockchain technologies (DLT) in the human resource management (HRM) of organizations in building solutions for IOT (Internet of things) smart cities.

The current study explores a unique set of factors selected from the extensive literature and acquired information from fifteen experts having significant experience of blockchain technology in their respective organizations. An integrated fuzzy analytic hierarchy process (F-AHP) is applied to prioritize the identified success factors. Further, the modified decision-making trial and evaluation laboratory (M-DEMATEL) method is utilized to represent the complicated causal relationships among different sub-factors on blockchain-HRM integration.

The findings show the application of blockchain will foster a paradigm change in IOT based smart communities, where recruiters verify the candidate credentials including education, skills, and work experience. The payroll managers would determine the more effective way to make work less complex and moderate, enabling timelier payments to global employees. Furthermore, DLT would enhance the employee learning records and update the real-time information in HRM database technologies. Thus, providing a detailed guide for future Industry 4.0 developers about how blockchain can improve the next generation of industrial applications.

The developed method can help the decision-makers and provide a foundational view to examine the benefits of implementing blockchain technology in the HRM setting of an organization before they choose to integrate in order to enhance Industry 4.0 technologies.

This research will be a novel attempt to synthesize the key factors and subfactors about technology enabled solution within the intelligent HRM process, shedding light to rethink HRM strategies to incorporate blockchain technology in organizations.

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Special Issue - Intelligent Cloud Technologies