A Bone Fracture Detection using AI-Based Techniques

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Rushabh Mehta
Preksha Pareek
Ruchi Jayaswal
Shruti Patil
Kishan Vyas


The medical field in itself is a complex term where the diagnosis is of the most importance. If there is a correct diagnosis made on time in the appropriate time duration then the treatment can be started in a timely manner and this treatment will be beneficial in curing the patient. There are many different techniques that are available to find the abnormalities in an image given but we will review some of them which are most recently developed and will compare the results of each of them. A detailed study is done at the end of this paper which gives insights into fractures and their types. The dataset which we would consider is the MURA dataset. Discussion about further research in this area is also done to help researchers in exploring new dimensions in this field.


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