Ontological Augmentation and Analytical Paradigms for Elevating Security in Healthcare Web Applications

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Nawaf Alharbe


The 4th and 5th industrial revelations provided huge access to a high volume of information in healthcare sectors. However, the vast majority of web applications are under attack constantly. Due to the huge volume of attack vectors in recent years, technical breaches to the web applications of healthcare sectors are becoming a common issue. Hence, it is essential to develop an effective framework that would help experts and healthcare practitioners in web application security management. In this research, we proposed an ontology-based technique for developing secure online web applications in healthcare sectors. This study presents a conceptual framework with 5 stages namely: idea understanding, requirement identification, design and code, threat classification, and facilitate. The proposed methodology involves several various advantage features such as providing a unified path for future professional applications. Also, the proposed solution provides a clear pathway for implementing the easy-to-use secure web application development in short term in the healthcare sector. Finally, the study used a multi-criteria decision-making methodology to undertake a performance simulation assessment. Out of the evaluated process, Fuzzy-AHP has shown better performance for scheduling each step of the final developed security system better. In the future, the proposed method will be evaluated using more databases in the healthcare sector to improve the applications of the proposed method.

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Special Issue - Scalable Machine Learning for Health Care: Innovations and Applications