Application of Association Rule Mining Algorithm based on 5G Technology in Information Management System

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Juan Gao
Zidi Chen


In this paper, an application method of association rule mining algorithm based on 5G technology in information management system is proposed to solve the problems of long running time and low processing efficiency in traditional financial information processing system. The association rule mining algorithm's employment in information management systems is the main topic of this research study, which is based on 5G technology. The efficiency and efficacy of information management systems have a lot of room to grow with the introduction of 5G. Large datasets may be mined for patterns and associations using the potent approach known as association rule mining. We want to improve the performance of information management systems by fusing association rule mining with the capabilities of 5G technology. The experimental findings indicate that in the first group of trials, the traditional system’s time for information mining is identical to that of the developed system, which is around one minute. The typical system's time to mine financial information, however, steadily grows with the amount of experimental data. The difference between the two is most obvious in the sixth experiment. Because the design system can delve deeply into the financial information, the overall information mining time of the financial information management system based on the association rule mining algorithm of the design is shorter. It is confirmed that the system for automatically processing financial information described in this study has a high level of processing accuracy and a positive processing outcome.

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Special Issue - Intelligent Cloud Technologies