Computer Network Virus Defense with Data Mining-based Active Protection

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Xiaohong Li
Yang Li
Hong He


A novel approach is presented in this paper to address the limitations of virtual machine technology, active kernel technology, heuristic killing technology, and behaviour killing technology in computer network virus defence. The proposed method provides data mining technology, specifically Object-Oriented Analysis (OOA) mining, to detect deformed and unknown viruses by analyzing the sequence of Win API calls in PE files. Experimental results showcase the Data Mining-based Antivirus (DMAV) system's superiority over existing virus scanning software in multiple aspects: higher accuracy in deformed virus detection, enhanced active defence capabilities against unknown viruses (with a recognition rate of 92%), improved efficiency, and a reduced false alarm rate for non-virus file detection. Furthermore, the paper introduces an OOA rule generator to optimize feature extraction, enhancing the system's intelligence and robustness. This research provides a promising solution to support virus detection accuracy, active defence mechanisms, and overall efficiency while minimizing false positives in virus scanning, thus contributing significantly to the advancement of computer network security.

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Special Issue - Next generation Pervasive Reconfigurable Computing for High Performance Real Time Applications