Design of a Drag-reducing System for Smart Bar Conveying Chain Plate

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Jiangyi Pan
Jianjun Yang
Wenjuan Lu


This paper presents a solution to the issue of high frictional resistance between the chain plate and guide rail in cigarette conveying systems, which can result in chain plate failure. The proposed solution is an intelligent drag reduction system that incorporates lubrication and automatic dust removal. The system includes a conveyor chain plate, supporting roller assembly, air knife dust removal assembly, chain plate lubrication assembly, and controller. The controller manages the dust removal assembly's air source output and the lubrication of the chain plate assembly through the opening and closing of an electromagnetic valve, which controls the oil output to decrease resistance. Experimental testing of the system shows that it effectively reduces the chain plate's frictional resistance in the cigarette conveying line, resulting in improved system efficiency.

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Special Issue - Scalability and Sustainability in Distributed Sensor Networks