Construction and Application of MOOC + Flipped Classroom Mixed Teaching Model in Volleyball Teaching in Colleges and Universities

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Jubin Zhang
Jie Yu


MOOC+Flipped Classroom (MFC) is a new model that make the online learning and offline learning integrated. And it also shows a new way in developing the teaching reform. Based on MFC, a mixed teaching mode suitable for college volleyball was studied and established. And a reasonable evaluation index system was developed. It fosters educational fairness and improvements in volleyball learning performance. To be applicable to many kinds of problems, the support vector machine (SVM) is improved to obtain the DBT-SVM based quality evaluation model of college volleyball mixed teaching. The average score of students in the mixed teaching mode was higher than that in the traditional teaching mode. The comprehensive performance scores of the former and the latter after the experiment are 9.12 ± 0.75 and 7.63 ± 0.56 respectively. The mixed teaching mode results in higher student attendance. Among the prediction results of DBT-SVM, BT-SVM and SVM, DBT-SVM has higher accuracy, less training and testing time, and smaller error. This shows that DBT-SVM can accurately evaluate the teaching effect and quality.

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Special Issue - Scalable Computing in Online and Blended Learning Environments: Challenges and Solutions