Remote Monitoring System of Digital Agricultural Greenhouse Based on Internet of Things

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Lu Lu


In the actual operation process of the conventional digital agricultural greenhouse monitoring system, there are problems such as limited monitoring scope and large deviation between the monitoring results and the actual situation of the greenhouse. To solve this problem, a new remote monitoring system is proposed by introducing the technology of the Internet of Things. On the basis of the completion of the hardware design of the remote monitoring system, the optimal fusion data value of the remote monitoring of the digital agricultural greenhouse is obtained by establishing the monitoring data fusion model. The particle swarm optimization fuzzy control algorithm is designed to optimize the adaptive remote monitoring process of the system dynamically. The Internet of Things technology is used to deploy the remote monitoring system of digital agricultural greenhouses online to fully ensure the quality and timeliness of the remote monitoring system. The test results show that the new system can significantly improve the greenhouse remote monitoring deviation, and the monitoring value is close to the actual value.

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Special Issue - Scalability and Sustainability in Distributed Sensor Networks