Blended Teaching System for College English with Multi-source Data Fusion in Edge Computing

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Ya Fu


The modern education system involves the online education system with the traditional method of studies. This increases the education system's versatility and helps increase the quality of studies. The use of modern digital technology also helps the students to gather and accumulate information about their study topics. The use of edge computation helps the education system to access all the information in comparatively less time. This increases the performance of the students and teachers in analyzing the different things in the study. Multi-source data fusion is important for comparing synchronized data from different sources. This fusion system helps to allocate the data through the database and helps the students to use data from a distinctive database. This system has saved the time of students to search different contents. They are getting ready-made content from the database as per their requirements. This type of technology is essential to increase students' performance. These systems collectively develop the education system more easily and will enhance students' interest. The students could learn English using different related content and practice sheets. Digital education helps students to get appropriate sources of study materials for developing quality.

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Special Issue - Scalability and Sustainability in Distributed Sensor Networks