Design of English Informationization Teaching System Based on Positive Psychology

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Xiao Chang


Early computer-aided teaching systems fully played the leading role of teachers, but ignored the embodiment of students' subjectivity. In English teaching practice, there is still a current situation of emphasizing cognition and neglecting psychology, seriously neglecting students' psychological needs such as learning interest, self-confidence, and happiness. Therefore, in order to explore the promoting role of positive psychology in English teaching, this study, guided by subjective well-being theory and self-determination theory, adopted JSP+Struts+SQL Server technology to design an English information-based teaching system. The system was based on English knowledge, with students' personalized reasoning as the premise, and teachers' teaching strategies as the key. Personalized assistance was provided to English teachers for information-based teaching. Finally, through a controlled experiment, it was found that after half a semester of English information technology teaching, the excellent final grade rate of the intervention group X students was 56.67%; the pass rate reached 90%, and only 3 students failed. There was a significant improvement compared to the performance of the control group Y students. This experiment can prove the effectiveness of the English information teaching system designed in this article. The English information teaching system is a supplement to the traditional classroom teaching mode, which can enhance students' learning interest and English oral expression ability, as well as improve the quality of teachers' education.

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Special Issue - Scalable Computing in Online and Blended Learning Environments: Challenges and Solutions