A Class Specific Feature Selection Method for Improving the Performance of Text Classification

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Venkatesh V
Sharan S B
Mahalaxmy S
Monisha S
Ashick Sanjey D S
Ashokkumar P


Recently, a significant amount of research work has been carried out in the field of feature selection. Although these methods help to increase the accuracy of the machine learning classification, the selected subset of features considers all the classes and may not select recommendable features for a particular class. The main goal of our paper is to propose a new class-specific feature selection algorithm that is capable of selecting an appropriate subset of features for each class. In this regard, we first perform class binarization and then select the best features for each class. During the feature selection process, we deal with class imbalance problems and redundancy elimination. The Weighted Average Voting Ensemble method is used for the final classification. Finally, we carry out experiments to compare our proposed feature selection approach with the existing popular feature selection methods. The results prove that our feature selection method outperforms the existing methods with an accuracy of more than 37%.

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Special Issue - Scalable Dew Computing for future generation IoT systems