SecureSense: Enhancing Person Verification through Multimodal Biometrics for Robust Authentication

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Samatha J
Madhavi G


Biometrics provide enhanced security and convenience compared to conventional methods of individual authentication. A more robust and effective method of individual authentication has emerged due to recent advancements in multimodal biometrics. Unimodal systems offer lower security and lack the robustness found in multimodal biometric systems. The research paper introduces a novel approach, employing multiple biometric modalities, including face, fingerprint, and iris, to authenticate users in a multimodal biometric system. The paper proposes the ”Secure Sense” framework, which combines multiple biometric modalities to improve person verification accuracy. The proposed system utilizes both web-based and real-time datasets. For the web-based dataset, we employed the Chicago Face dataset for facial data, the MMU1 dataset for iris data, and the SOCOfing dataset for fingerprint data. In real-time data collection, facial data is captured using a Zebronics Zeb-Gem webcam, fingerprint data is obtained using the Mantra MFS scanner, and iris data is collected using the Mantra MIS scanner. In the envisioned system, we introduce an innovative approach that employs a decision-level fusion technique across three unique biometric modalities, resulting in an impressive accuracy rate of approximately 93% across all modalities.

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Special Issue - Scalable Dew Computing for future generation IoT systems
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Samatha J, Department of CSE, Matrusri Engineering College, JNTUK, India

Research Scholar, Department of CSE, JNTUK, Assistant Professor, Matrusri Engineering College, India 

Madhavi G, Department of CSE, University College of Engineering, JNTUK, India

Assistant Professor, Department of CSE, University College of Engineering, JNTUK, India