Exploring Data Acquisition and Real-Time Analysis Algorithms in Smart Manufacturing with a Focus on Automation and Inspection Technologies

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ZhenShan Chen
HanJun Zheng
JinYan Lin


The conducted research project is based on the process followed in the smart manufacturing method. It has been observed that there are different types of methods that have been used in the smart manufacturing process and among these methods most of the methods are directly associated with different modern technology and artificial intelligence as well. Along with the inclusion of automation systems in the smart manufacturing process, the incorporation of inspection technologies is also observed in the case of performing smart manufacturing systems. In association with these, the usage of an acquisition system and real-time analysis process is also observed as well. Independent steps are present inside the phases of production process of the smart manufacturing methods. The incorporation of automation processes significantly enhances the performance of individual phases within the smart manufacturing process, thereby raising the overall production standards. Automation minimizes the likelihood of human errors, data misplacement, and mishandling. Moreover, it proves highly advantageous in the data acquisition process, ensuring error-free data transfer through automated systems.

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Special Issue - Scalability and Sustainability in Distributed Sensor Networks