Physical Education Teaching Quality Evaluation Method Using Mobile Edge Computing in the Online and Offline Environment

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Huimin Zhang


The development of different technology has impacted the different stages of human life. Additionally, with the implication of computing technology sports and physical education can be improved. The use of mobile edge technology aids in gathering precise data related to physical education. Therefore, a specific improvement is possible. This following analysis has looked into the factor of mobile edge computing that aids in the evolution of physical education teaching. Moreover, the study has focused on developing an appropriate path for the integration of MEC into PE education. By utilising Mobile Edge Computing (MEC) technologies in both online and off-line learning contexts, this study offers a thorough way for assessing the quality of sports teaching. The suggested approach integrates multiple characteristics and performance measures to evaluate the efficacy of physical education instruction and participation, taking into consideration the changing educational landscape.

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Special Issue - Scalability and Sustainability in Distributed Sensor Networks