Cigarette Production Line Flow Automatic Control System Based on PLC Technology and Embedded Software

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Ding Zhi
Lihua Xie
Yong Xia
Jie Shi


The automatic controlling system of the production will increase the preciseness of the work and it helps the employees to meet the organizational targets. The programming logic controller (PLC) and software-based technologies controlled everything interrelated with the production processes. This reduces the risk of production and evaluates the quality of the tobacco used to manufacture cigarettes. This study is based on secondary sources as which helps to get adequate information about the study topic. The implementation cost of the PLC is quite high, and proper training of the employees is needed for the manipulation of the PLC system of production. This is a computerised technology that supports the production process of the organisation and reduces the cost of production in the long term. The term control technology is usually based on the control which is manual and on which the human operator has a general or primary role in following the procedures. These approaches are used for the decision-making and the execution of the programs and the operations, which are done manually.

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Special Issue - Scalability and Sustainability in Distributed Sensor Networks