Evaluation of Regional Road Transport Safety Service Level With Edge Computing in Scalable Sensor and Actuator Networks

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Xiaoxu Dang
Guoyu Wang
Xiaodong Zhou
Shihui Wang


In contemporary society, road transport has assumed a pivotal role in the daily lives of individuals, with virtually everyone being a road user in one capacity or another. Unfortunately, a significant portion of road accidents stem from user negligence and a lack of awareness regarding road safety principles and regulations. The majority of these accidents are fundamentally a result of human errors, errors that could potentially be averted through the comprehensive utilization of technology. The integration of edge computing within actuator networks, combined with the scalability of sensors, holds the potential to proactively detect and prevent impending collisions. This cutting-edge approach not only accumulates and processes sensor-generated data but also employs it to mitigate the occurrence of road accidents. This discussion delves into the potential advantages offered by smart sensors and advanced technology, focusing on the enhancement of safety within transportation networks. The core attributes of these intelligent technologies facilitate the establishment of robust connectivity and the effective implementation of processes, ushering in an innovative era in the realm of road safety through smart technology.


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Special Issue - Scalability and Sustainability in Distributed Sensor Networks