A Method for Specifying Yoga Poses Based on Deep Learning, Utilizing OpenCV and Media Pipe Technologies

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T Anuradha
N. Krishnamoorthy
C.S. Pavan Kumar
L.V. Narasimha Prasad
Anilkumar Chunduru
Usha Moorthy


Yoga is a years discipline that calls for physical postures, mental focus, and deep breathing. Yoga practice can enhance stamina, power, serenity, flexibility, and well‐being. Yoga is currently a well-liked type of exercise worldwide. The foundation of yoga is good posture. Even though yoga offers many health advantages, poor posture can lead to issues including muscle sprains and pains. People have become more interested in working online than in person during the last few years. People who are accustomed to internet life and find it difficult to find the time to visit yoga studios benefit from our strategy. Using the web cameras in our system, the model categorizes the yoga poses, and the image is used as input. However, the media pipe library first skeletonizes that image. Utilizing a variety of deep learning models, the input obtained from the yoga postures is improved to improve the asana. The algorithms like VGG16 (Visual Geometric Group), VGG19, Convo2d, CNN.

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Special Issue - Scalability and Sustainability in Distributed Sensor Networks