Group Intelligent City Mobile Communication Network's Control Strategy based on Cellular Internet of Things

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Jiazheng Wei


Mobile communication network optimization heavily depends on power control technology, which impacts the effectiveness of the network. This paper aims to enhance control over nonlinear mobile communication networks and achieve superior performance by applying the particle swarm optimization (PSO) algorithm in the control domain. Addressing limitations in the basic PSO algorithm, improvements are made and applied to urban mobile communication networks. The methodology involves modifying the PSO algorithm to address identified issues and applying the enhanced algorithm to communication network scenarios. Simulation results indicate that with an initial particle count of 10 and 100 iterations, the optimized values for and are 0.691 and 0.486, respectively, resulting in an objective function value of 55.514. This achievement validates the successful implementation of the optimization process for mobile communication network control. The findings reveal that the proposed grad particle swarm optimization (Grad-PSO) algorithm exhibits mobile network optimization by robust search capability and rapid convergence.

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Special Issue - Next generation Pervasive Reconfigurable Computing for High Performance Real Time Applications