Blockchain Enhanced Student Physical Performance Analysis using Machine Learning-IoT and Apriori Algorithm in Physical Education Network Teaching

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Jianing Li
Zheping Quan
Weijia Song


In the digital era, particularly with the rise of online teaching, traditional approaches to college physical education face challenges in adequately monitoring and enhancing students’ physical fitness. This study introduces a novel approach that integrates blockchain technology with a Machine Learning-IoT framework to evaluate and improve students' physical performance. Utilizing the Apriori algorithm, enhanced with particle swarm optimization and an improved K-means methodology, this system offers a robust tool for correlating student behavior with sports performance in a secure and decentralized manner. The proposed system uses blockchain for safe data management and IoT for real-time data collection, ensuring privacy as well as efficiency. The algorithm's accuracy, recall, and F1 values on the Iris dataset are 0.947, 0.931, and 0.928, respectively, with a considerable Calinski Harabasz score of more than 240. When applied to university student behavior data, the blockchain-enhanced system successfully mined association rules with a maximum confidence level of 0.923.

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Special Issue - Machine Learning and Block-chain based solution for privacy and access control in IoT