Research on Inventory Control Method Based on Demand Response of Power Big Data

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Huixuan Shi
Zhengping Gao
Li Fang
Jiqing Zhai
Hongzhi Sun


The supply chain functions as a complex web, interconnecting various stakeholders such as suppliers, manufacturers, wholesalers, retailers, and ultimately, end consumers. Central to effective supply chain management is the meticulous handling of inventory, a critical factor influencing both cost efficiency and service excellence throughout the entire network. The management of inventory within this context extends beyond the confines of individual enterprises, bearing significance across the entirety of the supply chain. Consequently, achieving optimal performance necessitates a cohesive, holistic approach to management, aligning with the overarching objectives of the system. Through dynamic data analysis of multiple types of power materials, a dynamic inventory control model for power materials is constructed to achieve optimal adjustment of inventory management. Ultimately, a multi-granularity inventory control method based on big data analysis of power warehousing is constructed, which effectively improves inventory management efficiency and reduces logistics management costs for enterprises. Through big data analysis of power material warehousing, the characteristics of power material demand are excavated, and a classification method for power material demand is constructed to achieve an overall inventory control strategy for power materials. The implementation results show that the controlled inventory can better meet the changing demand, thereby improving inventory management efficiency. The multi-granularity inventory control method based on big data mining of warehousing combines inventory and multi-objective optimization theories, proves the applicability and feasibility of the proposed method, effectively improves inventory management efficiency, reduces logistics management costs for enterprises, and provides practical guidance and decision-making reference for improving the intensive management level of power production and maintenance materials.

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Special Issue - Graph Powered Big Aerospace Data Processing